How do you summarize the full capabilities and skills of a company that has been in business continuously for 51 years, has hundreds of years of combined field experience, thousands of hours of training, and thousands of successful investigations under their belt?  You can’t.  In the late 1800’s, criminal gangs ruled the West and Southwest United States.  When wealthy ranchers, or desperate citizens found themselves beyond the help of the local Sheriff or town Marshall, they often sought out the assistance of a “hired gun.”  This skilled individual would arrive in town, collect his fee, eliminate the problem, and then disappear into the sunset. 
Today, in the 21st Century, who do you turn to when the Police can’t or won’t help?  Who do you call upon when a family member has been kidnapped?  Who can you depend on to recover your missing daughter?  Who do you call BEFORE a crime has been committed?  Who do you call upon to investigate the death of a loved one in a foreign country?  You call on us. You call The Investigators.  We’re not the biggest.  We’re not based in Beverly Hills, California.  Quite simply put, we’re the best at what we do.  Whatever the task, whatever the problem, we have a solution for you.  Although we won’t break the law for you, we will exhaust every possible resource to accomplish our objective, anywhere in the world.  Serious, Professional, and Results Oriented. No case is too big, or too small for us to handle. 

Below is a list of the investigation types we currently offer: ( Please click on a link to learn more details)

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We are fully trained and equipped to handle literally any type of investigation that you and your organization may be in need of. The Investigators has solved literally thousands of difficult cases and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and successful agencies in the field. Below are the diferent types of investigation services we offer: At The Investigators, we know no international boundaries. As one of our clients, you have a vast international network of highly trained operatives at your disposal. We have operatives and contacts in almost every country in the world. What does this mean to you? Prompt worldwide service, 24-hours a day, anywhere on earth. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are one of the only private investigative agencies who can offer this level of service.

Because we specialize in high-risk, high-profile cases, over the years our work has been featured on countless national and international television programs, books, and magazines. Our Chief Investigator, Jay J. Armes, has been honored as the man who has made the greatest contribution to the investigative profession. See for yourself why we have been the number one choice of Governments, Royalty, and entertainers from around the world for over thirty years!