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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses our services?

     Major International Corporations
     Fortune 500/1000 Companies
     Government Agencies
     Private Individuals Like Yourself


Can You Perform Services For Me In A Foreign Country?

Yes we can. As a matter of fact, most of our major investigations are actually of an international nature. At The Investigators we know no international boundaries. As one of our clients you have a vast international network of highly trained operatives at your disposal. We have operatives and contacts in almost every country around the world. What does this mean to you? Promt worldwide service, anywhere on Earth. we pride ourselves on the fact that we are only one of the few that can offer this level of service.

How can I tell If my Telephone Lines Are Bugged?

Although this is probably one of the most commonly asked questions, the only true way to determine if your lines are being intercepted is to have your lines checked by a professional using state of the art electronic countermeasure equipment. A true professional should have at least one device utilizing "TDR" or time domain reflectometry in their arsenal. There are some general warning signs which might indicate that you have a problem. These can include but are not limited to a "beep" tone, clicking, crackling, humming or other unusual noises. Crosstalk, a drop in volume, poor performance or even not getting an immidiet dial tone when you pick up the handset. You should always remember that the best wire taps, such as those obtained legally by means of a court order, are set up at the telephone company's central office and are virtually undetectable.

Is My Information Kept Confidential?

Absolutely, anything that you tell us including your identity is treated with the utmost discretion. The results of
our investigations and findings are your property and can only be released and reported to the person that
retained our services.

Does your firm ever sell any of the equipment and gadgets that you are famous for?

In the investigative profession there are three essential elements that are crucial to our success. These are: Training, Contacts and Equipment. If you already posess the first two, then you only lack the final element, -- professional equipment. Our sister company,
BRANDON ENTERPRISES is an advanced tactical outfitter specializing inunique, exotic and hard-to-find equipment. Widely recognized as a leading providerof state-of-the-art equipment to domestic and international law enforcement agencies; governments; corporations; private investigators and security consultants.

BRANDON ENTERPRISES is THE name to know when it comes to specialized equipment. If it exists, they either carry it, have access to it, or will custom-build it to your specifications! Unlike other so called "Spy Shops" who sell cheap toys at ridiculous prices, BRANDON ENTERPRISES is staffed by experts in the investigative and intelligence fields. They guarantee the best equipment, the best prices and the best service. What else could you ask for?

Do you train people to become Private Investigators?

Anyone can call themself a Private Investigator, and many people do. What makes the difference between a succesful P.I., and one that is not, is usually a lack of real training. If you are looking for the best P.I. training anywhere, you should seriously consider The Investigators Training Academy. If you are currently considering a career change or are just interested in supplement your income call us. Our training academy has trained thousands of students from around the world. many are successful private investigators and currently own their own and operate their own agencies. You could be next!

How can I obtain a copy of Mr. Armes' book Jay J. Armes Investigator?

Although the book is now out of print, it was originally released by MacMillan Publishing Co. back in 1976 in both hardback and paperback versions. It was also released in a wide variety of languages including German, Japanese, and Dutch. You should be able to find a copy at your local library. If not, there are various
resources on the Internet which should be able to assist you in locating a used copy. If all else fails, call us. We will be glad to assist you in your search.


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